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Sitirahayu, dr.Hj. Hardiko. 2007. Menanti Buah Hati Sunda Kelapa Pustaka
Penyusun Materi Ratih Anjany
Penerjemah 1 Arie Kurniawan
Penerjemah 2 Sri Wahyuni Gobel

Every pregnant woman, of course there was afraid when imagining the birth process was to be lived. In addition there is the feeling of happiness because the baby will be born into the world.

Childbirth preparation
Childbirth is a throbing process that must to be passed by every pregnant woman will give birth. Therefore, childbirth must be prepared. This preparation you can do one month before birth. There about, whatever you must prepare?

Determining the place of childbirth
Determination the place of birth is one of the important preparation. For example in maternity clinics, maternity hospitals, or society health centers that facilitate of childbirth. The determination of this place should be associated with the condition of your pregnancy. For example, if your pregnancy is good - well without complications. You can give birth in the midwife’s practice or maternity clinics. However, if your childbirth must be caesarean or there is some disease history, your childbirth should in a hospital and handled by a specialist doctor.
After you determining the place of childbirth, you need to ask for cost estimates of childbirth. So, you and your husband can preparing financial to spend during childbirth process.

Preparing the equipments of childbirth
Various equipment and baby’s gear that will be required during in hospital needs to be prepared. This is because you can give birth at any - time beyond the time that doctors had predicted. Equipment and requirement the must prepared are in the following.
a.    Equipment and Requirement for Mother to be
1)    Dress casual buckle, made of cotton
2)    A special bra for breast - feeding
3)    Flip-flops
4)    Sarong
5)    Bath supplies (soap,shampoo,toothbrushes,comb,powders,skin lotions)
6)    Large towel
7)    Tissue
8)    Underpants for pregnant woman
9)    Special pads to used after childbirth
10)    Clothes to wear when come back to house
11)    Read book
b.    Equipment and Requirement for Father to be
1)    Underwear ( underpants and singlet )
2)    T-shirt or blouse
3)    Trousers
4)    Towel
5)    Toothbrush
6)    Comb
7)    List contacts and important phone numbers
c.    Equipment and Requirement for Baby
1)    Baby’s diaper
2)    Baby’s vest
3)    Blouse
4)    Trousers
5)    Gloves and socks
6)    Hat
7)    Baby’s blanket
8)    Baby’s carrier
9)    Washlap
10)    Baby’s powder
11)    Baby oil and baby cream
12)    Cotton

Equipment and Requirement should be put in special bags and placed in strategic places so as not to miss before childbirth.

Preparations that must be considered to make referral midwives in the following.
Make sure the mother / infant / client accompanied by a qualified healthcare professional who has the ability to dos emergency.
Bring equipment that are needed such as: syringe, infusion sets, blood pressure meters, stethoscopes. etc.
Tell client’s family about the last condition of the mother (client) and the reason why she must to referred. Her husband and other’s family should accompany the mother to the place of referral.
Give the letter to the referral that contains the identification of the mother (the client), the reason for referral, description of referral, care or drugs - drugs that have been received by the mother (the client).
Bring required essential medicines during on the way to refers.
Prepare a vehicle that is good enough to allow the mother (the client) in a comfortable condition and able to reach the place of referral quickly.
Remind the family to bring money in an amount sufficient to buy medicine and requirement that are needed on the place of referral.
Blood Donor
Prepare blood donors to be from the client’s family to watch - case of possible cases that require a blood donor.

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Setengah WajahQ

Jika boleh ku meminta, ku ingin minta izin untuk narsis sedikit.
Jika diperbolehkan narsis, ku ingin bicara sedikit.
Jika diberi kesempatan berbicara, ku ingin kau mengerti.
Jika kau telah mengerti, ku ingin kau memahami.
Jika telah kau pahami, ku mau kau tahu.
Aku ingin narsis, meski tak nyambung.
Hanya sekedar menghibur diri..
Tak apa kan?

Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011


By. Arie Kurniawan

Ku tak pernah menyangka dapatkan dirimu....
Kekasih yang tak pernah aku impikan..
Namun ku bahagia bersamamu..
Dapatkan hatimu..
Waktu demi waktu tlah kita lalui..
Bersama dalam suka ataupun duka..
Saling berbagi, saling memberi cinta dan kasih sayang..

Cinta ini kan abadi untuk selamanya..
Karena dirimu aku pahami..
Aku bahagia denganmu..2x
Oh bidadariku..